Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Tourer Megamod [FIX]
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Includes 2 Cabin 3-Chassis 1 Engine 3 İnterior 8K Template 48 logical slot options. Exterior Features 48 logical slot options. (-AMG-ARS-BRABUS-ROYCE-) 30 pcs 2021-24 Special Fabrication Color (Ral Code) 3 pcs Brabus ] 1 pcs AMG ] 1 pcs Stock 1 ] pcs sprinter original wheel Total 6 Wheel 2 Devil / 2 Stock Headlight (ARS) 1 Stock 3D / 1 Devil Tail Light (ARS) 14 pcs Front Bumper Options (-AMG-ARS-BRABUS-ROYCE-STOCK-) 3 pcs Tail Bumper + sport marchpier (-AMG-ARS-STOCK) 9 pcs Shutter (-AMG-ARS-BRABUS-ROYCE-STOCK-) Window films for all windows. light and dark themes. HQ-HD Textures,Ticket` s,Materials (Design By GM) 8K Template (for ETS 2 company owners) and (Tuning Lovers) Carbon details down to the door handles. Specially designed bat type mirror covers. (ARS And 3 pcs mirror Paintable and replaceable door wicks. Paintable front and back fenders 5 pcs amazing steering wheel (-AMG-ARS-BRABUS-ROYCE-STOCK-) STOCK] and` carbon hood with specially designed airflow hood. (ARS) Oversized air conditioner that can be attached to the ceiling. 3D engine and chassis modeling. (detailed) (look the under Front bumper mat options that show the evolution of the Mercedes logo Changeful licance plate` s (have template) DLC Support Sprinter TOW Version BFZ Features There is a special interior design for the tow truck. and special options. Paintable chassis Paintable case Paintable bumper Paintable logo Paintable fender Paintable side skirts Pop-up rear auxiliary plaques. Special Led Tail Light option for BFZ TOW (ARS) 360 BiGM Orange Light 5 pcs Super Sport and Lux Car option (Bmw-Porche-Benz) Specially made mega luggage for this type of commercial models. (ARS) SPECIAL BFZ 2 AXLE CAR TRAİLER (ARS) Special Tire and Wheel for TOW And Tow Trailer. 8K Template Sprinter Awning Version Features We know you’re confused. that’s what we’re producing for. we will continue to surprise Special Awning Case and Chassis Paintable side skirt and fenders Paintable tail bumper Special Man Tail Light for Awning Chassis Special Tire and Wheel for Awning Chassis specially made interior space for awning. ( other back chassis ) Credits Gaming ModdinG

Credits: Gaming ModdinG


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