Ford Transit MegaPack v3.0 - 1.46
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Paintable Bumpers 23 Chassis Options Ao Baked and Fps Friendly Custom Plate Templates The Physics Closest to Reality Own Loads Escort Version Thermo, Curtain and Truck Chassis Real Headlight Options Ao Baked Interiors Changelog – updated to the version of the game 1.46; – the definition of default sounds is adjusted; – added a new engine sound; – added a standard navigator; – minor edits and improvements; – Everything is broken. Archive content: 1. Ford Transit Megapack V3.0 – PAK “Transits”; 2. Ford Transit Megapack -Sound v1.0 – a new engine sound; 3. Ford Transit Megapack -Sound Default – default sounds; 4. Cargo Ford Transit Megapack – an invisible load on board; Priority in the mod manager: 1. Sound (one of two) should be higher in priority; 2. The cargo at will, I recommend below the priority; Example, from below-up: – Ford Transit Megapack-Sound – Ford Transit Megapack V3.0 – Cargo Ford Transit Megapack Credits Global Design

Credits: Global Design


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