Audi RS4 + Trailer [1.31.x]
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This is a first new version of Audi RS4 with Trailer! Now you can earn game money also with car! With this mod you can drive Audi RS4 and also if you want you can delivery cargo with new car trailer! How you can delivery cargo? It is simple. Find a job with this car trailer, and go on the road! You can connect car trailer with max weight 1000 kg! AUDI RS4 INFO – 1 Cabin – 1 Chassis – 1 Interior – Base and Metallic Colours For correct work you need remove car disc, nuts… Credits: BR Mods, tzerop, SemihKln

Credits: BR Mods, tzerop, SemihKln



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TAGS:1.31.X, Audi, ETS 2, RS4, trailer