VOLVO Classic G7 8×2 | 8×4 v1.49
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Information about the Mod. – LIGHTER MOD. Comes with installation file. – Different steering wheel options. – 8×2 and 8×4 chassis options: Mod plate or Original ETS 2 plate. – Improved engines and physics. – Automatic or manual transmission options. – 103 Company Skins to choose from and 10 for you to edit in your own way. – Light in the cockpit ( Hint: Letter O turns the light on ) – Choice of textures for the seats, curtains and internal luggage compartment: Master Blue – Master Orange and Marajoara Green. – Optional 2nd driver’s seat. – 2 Panel options: (on-board control) – Optional exhaust. – Realistic shades. – Several license plates to choose from: Euro, Mercosur and National. – Functional pedals with animations: Brake and accelerator. – Windshield wiper. 3 speeds. – Dashboard with functional animations. – Animations on the doors and windows. – Optional 3D passengers inside the bus: – Optional: Passengers when boarding are seated, when disembarking the bus is empty and much more. Credits Tigresa Vip , Mia Kalifa , Eliza Sanches , Eliza Samudio, Andressa URACH, FABIO CONTIER

Credits: Tigresa Vip , Mia Kalifa , Eliza Sa


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