Man Lions Coach 2023
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Our mode consists of a 13-meter 2-axle model and has exactly 41 + 2 seats in the 2 + 1 seat arrangement used in Turkey conditions. The mod includes one engine sound and 3 retader sounds. For players using game consoles, we did not forget the 6-speed transmission and it welcomes you with 12 gear options as standard. Digital tachograph Skin template Metallic paint support is available Original engine sound Original retader sound Buildable digital signage (3 front, back and door side) Buildable cockpit flag Buildable suction cup signboard Flashing light system in addition to fan covering (Optional additional mode required) reversing camera middle door camera Multiple seat covering options Multiple floor options Multiple interior cabin light options Multiple vehicle surrounds pianoblack can be slotted Slotting more than one in-cabin steering wheel etc. Driver lights (Slottable standard comes on) Vehicle roof dovetail and neta satellite antenna can be slotted Vehicle front spoiler Credits OyuncuyusbisMods

Credits: OyuncuyusbisMods


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