Jetbus 3+ UHD [1.40]
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Base model: mas adudu. Part : Mas Nasir Mas Angga Mas Okta CVt Edit Diny. Thanks to Allah swt first: – Mr. abdul dudu. – mas rd – Mr. Eddie. – Mr. Agus. – mas nevil. – Grandfather Deden. – uncle adrill. – Mr Armand. – Mr. Bimo. – Mr. Ghofar. – Mr.Arif budiman – mas asady sofyan. – sir ipw. – sir angga. – thanks also for those who have made the skin uhd. – and thanks also for the other parties that cannot be mentioned one by one. ** I locked the file, don’t try to break into it without permission ** Mod is at Dealer for mods Mod support 1.40 Sorry if there are shortcomings in this mod.

Credits: mas adudu


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