IKARUS 250-59 V1.2 [1.39.X]
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[Version 1.2 - 11.01.2021] Mod features Autonomous bus Ikarus 250 Apollo Bought in Iveco salons Your engine Your wheels Tuning outside and inside Skin pack Template for creating skins in the archive Works on version 1.39.x. Additional mods: ikarus_250_59_wheel_turnover (set above the main mod) This add-on for the amateur increases the steering speed. 2.5 turns in each direction as produced from the Ikarus factory. The controls become smoother for those who operate the mouse or game wheel. Disabling this mod - the steering wheel turns will be taken from the original mod (1.5 rpm) ikarus_font_RUS (set above the main mod) Mod adds a Russian font for the plates when they are activated. (Type on the English layout in Russian letters on the keyboard. Some of the Russian letters have been transferred to numbers) For the successful operation of the mod, it is recommended to set the ikarus_250_59_2021.1.39_beta file high priority! The mod was tested on the default ETS2 card. Sound: Sound updated by FMOD software. Each engine has its own characteristic sound. In sound settings, the exhaust slider responds to the following effects: D2156 HM6U - 192 hp - "open pipe" D2356 HM6U - 205 hp - "transmission sound" D2156 HM6UT - 220 hp - "transmission sound" D2356 HM6UT - 230 hp - "open pipe2" D10 UTSLL 190 E1 - 260 hp - "open pipe3" D10 UTSLL 206 E1 - 280 hp - "open pipe3" D10 TLL 235 E2 - 320 hp - "open pipe3" The sound of the bridge has been worked out. Bridge operation became realistic in load and idling. Sound of opening / closing the front door. Own sounds of buttons / sticks, transmissions, noises. New more realistic "enginebrake" sound (thanks for the Kapitan Kriechbaum samples) Sound work continues ... The assembly made by the dealer is the factory assembly of Ikarus 250.59. (See the characteristics of the bus) All units (engine, transmission, axles) are original parts of other Ikarus models of the two hundredth series. And assembled according to their technical characteristics from the collected literature Description from the authors: 1) Body. In this mod, the Ikarus bus in the back with an index of 250.59 and higher is presented. Length 12000 mm Height 3200 mm Width 2500 mm Made minor fixes to the body, added new elements. New painting styles of real vehicles such as "Sovtransavto, Gemenc Volan, Borsod Volan, VolanBusz, AIR TOURS, and other various ATP. Added accessory items. Fixed interior lighting. 2) Chassis. Under the understanding of the chassis in the gameplay, this is Raba Chassis for the Ikarus 250 bus, with a rear a driving axle with a double (planetary) gear, with a different gear ratio. Depending on the purpose of the bus (city, suburb, intercity), an appropriate bridge was installed. The people said it easier, short, medium, and long bridge. We have presented two variants of the rear gear: - "Raba MVG 018 - standard (regular)" - "Raba MVG 118" All raba axles with double (planetary) gears have a characteristic sound when driving (loading / unloading). In gameplay, this sound is tied to the rubber and has no difference in bridge loading or coasting (unloading). Use Ikarus tire sets, with different volume levels (depending on the output, the gearbox began to howl more), in In this case, you will hit the note, there will be an "icarus symphony" 3) Engine Ikarus buses were equipped with Hungarian raba engines (made in Hungary under license from MAN). The first copies of the buses were equipped with engines of the D 2156 HM6U, D 2156 HM6UT (turbo) series, with a volume of 10.35 liters and D2356 HM6U (T) with a volume of 10.7 liters, with a capacity of 192 to 230 (250) hp. Not much later, the motors were refined and improved, so it appeared D10 series These motors are more powerful and more environmentally friendly, up to 320 hp. The sound has been completely reworked. Sound samples were recorded by a professional studio from a real bus brand Ikarus 256 (state number P 308 AF / tail number 008). Sound models are tied to Raba engines (MAN) presented in 6 versions (older and later motors), differing in sound among themselves. 4) Transmission. On earlier Ikarus buses, 5-speed gearboxes were installed: Csepel, ZF. Starting with the 250.59 model, buses with a 6-speed ZF gearbox left the factory. As a rule, we got under way from the second, the first lowered one (for extreme situations). In this update, the operation of transmissions has been reworked according to their specifications. 5) Physics. The default physics version 1.39 is taken as a basis. Only one change has been made - the value of the engagement moment (for passengers) has been corrected. This change did not affect the default trucks! Disadvantages: For passenger transportation - fans of automatic transmission control use the engine "D10 TLL 235 E2 - 320 hp" Due to the special physics of SCS, automatic transmission control is not possible on weak engines. The authors started developing their own passengers! In connection with the animation of the door, all the paints have been moved to the "body" section, there is also no possibility to paint in a custom color. We hope that this is a temporary solution, and in the future adaptation will allow us to return everything to its place. When opening a door or a window in rainy weather, the raindrops remain in the same place. Do not cross with the item. (Who can help with these problems - write to the authors Zheka Lunev, Kodola Alexander) KanSky, Гоша Мотор, Виталик Красильников, Вячеслав Александрович, Сергей Виноградов, losevo58, serega22 Авторы обновления: Snare85(Жека Лунёв), Кодола Александр

Credits: KanSky, Гоша Мотор, Виталик Красиль


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