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Mod HD Textures / HD Textures for City Car Driving (v1.5.9 -

Let me please you with new textures for City Car Driving 1.5.9 and higher!

Textures are part of only for Russian localization (kiosk), they will be displayed correctly only starting from version 1.5.9 (and higher), because on previous versions the file structure is different


- Replaced the textures of summer country asphalt for more realistic (in my opinion). Instead of a homogeneous freshly laid black canvas, there is now dusty rolled asphalt of a lighter "worn" shade;
- Summer "asphalt" textures of the sidewalks are replaced with tiles;
- Improved textures of many buildings and traffic cars, some of which have been added with the corresponding logo;
- Replaced the texture of the brick entrance / exit of the mountain tunnel to a texture of a higher resolution;
- Replaced the textures of billboards (advertising boards / posters) for more realistic ones (some of them were photographed on the streets). Developers, I hope you understand and forgive - still for personal use;
- Improved textures of some shops / stalls;
- Changed the texture of the gas station in the direction of greater realism

New textures contain both alpha channel and bump
In fact, the description and screenshots only show part of the changes.

Installation: unpack the archive according to the internal structure, replacing the original files.
The archive contains a folder "! Backup!" with stock textures in case you want to compare textures with the original ones or return them back.

The comparative screenshots presented here are arranged according to the principle: first with the mod, then without the mod, starting from the top, in the "header"


- Updated billboard textures to the current versions of 2021


Credits: Олег Кондратов (condros)


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