VAZ 2112 TUNING V08.12.19
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MOD VAZ 2112 TUNING V08.12.19 FOR CITY CAR DRIVING 1.5.8 - 1.5.9

Physics is made for a quiet ride and in order to pile up the car it doesn’t drive smoothly. Its interior, xenon, wheels, lowered chassis. Interior lighting (lit during the day). VAZ 2112 (Tuning) Drive type: front Transmission type and number of gears: MKPP-5 Maximum power: 98 hp Maximum speed: 185 km / h Updated physics (new) Passenger traffic available (new) Installation: Manual

Authors: KsenON116rus, Serega154GB
Author of adaptation, adding passenger traffic and screenshots: sdonbass18

Credits: sdonbass18


Dowload129.1 MB

TAGS:2112, vaz, V08.12.19, Tuning