Toyota Camry 3.5 V40 2008
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Mod Toyota Camry 3.5 V40 2008 for City Car Driving 1.5.8

Toyota Camry - Toyota Company Car
It is made at factories in Japan, the USA, Australia, Russia and China
As of 2018, the eighth generation of the car is produced
In Western Europe, Camry was not in demand, and since 2004 its deliveries to this market have been discontinued, with the expectation of promoting the Toyota Avensis model
Does the name "Camry" come from the Japanese phonetic record of the Chinese character? (kammuri), which means "crown"
In Russia, along with other cars of the company, the model is in stable customer demand,
in connection with which, in 2005, the construction of an assembly plant in the village of Shushary began, on December 21, 2007 the plant produced the first car

Drive Type: Front
Type of gearbox and number of gears: automatic transmission 6
Engine power hp 277
Engine displacement: 3456 cc
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 6.8 sec
Max. speed, km / h: 230

3 extras:
- Beneventi wheels
- Toning without forehead
- Tinted in a circle

Installation: Manual
Passenger transportation available
Customized Physics for 1.5.8

Credits: Denis154rus ,Statte


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