Porsche Taycan Turbo S 2021
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Mod Porsche Taycan Turbo S 2021 for City Car Driving 1.5.9-

Porsche Taikan Turbo C 2021

Max Power - 560 kW / 762 PS / 751 hp
Max Torque - 1050 Nm / 774 ft-lb
Top Speed ​​- 260 km / h0-100kmh - 2.8 Seconds
Transmission - 2-Speed ​​Automatic

There are 40 add-ons in the mod:
Black Porsche logo
Chrome plated exterior window trim
Glossy black instead of carbon fiber.
Raised spoiler
Removed the Taycan Turbo S badge from the back.
Roof rack

Mission-E Wheels
Mission-E wheels (black)
Mission-E Wheels (Silver)
Standard wheels (black)
Standard wheels (silver)

Green ambient lighting
Orange ambient lighting
Pink ambient lighting
Red ambient lighting
White ambient lighting
Yellow ambient lighting

Alcantara + interior fabric
Alcantara steering wheel
Beige leather interior
Brown Leather Interior
Red leather interior
White leather interior

Beige seat belts
Brown seat belts
Red seat belts
White seat belts

Aluminum inserts
Gloss wood inserts
Matt beige inserts
Matte black inserts
Matte brown inserts

Body color Interior Metal
Gold interior metal
Gray Metal Interior

Sport Chrono watch in red
Sport Chrono watch in white

Tinted Glass All
All tinted windows except the front
Tinted Glass Half

HQ exterior and interior model (Turbosquid / HKV Studios)
Realistic physics
Passenger Transportation
Trailer support
Right and left drive support
Rear view camera and 360 camera
Raindrops on glass in rainy weather
Snow on glass in snowy weather
Internal buttons light up at night
The display shows the selected gear
Custom sound
Illuminated license plate

Credits: TJ


Download113.3 MB

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