Niva Urban
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Mod Niva Urban  for City Car Driving

In 2014, the Urban modification was released on the basis of the 3-door version. The modification differs from the original model in additional noise insulation, plastic bumpers, a radiator grill, a reduced steering wheel diameter, an air conditioner, a floor tunnel, electric mirrors and power windows.

Lada Niva Urban
Niva urban
Drive type: Full (switchable front)
Transmission type: 5 speed manual; 4MKPP
Maximum power: 83 hp
Max. speed, km / h: 142
Acceleration time: 17 sec.


The car had a completely new model (2020) torpedo modeled by me, the Bronto ovbes were modeled from scratch, the Urban body kit was modified.

- Improved installer, FF2 already has a modified version of the installer.
- Completed FF2, there are posts about this below.
- Made Lada Niva with a lot of extras.

Extras that are available:
1. Lights No. 2
2. Lights No. 3
3. Offroad
4. Roof rails
5. Antenna
6. Mud flaps
7. Thresholds
8. Urban body kit
9. Bronto body kit
10. Atmo (engine tuning)
11. Gray ceiling
12. Black Edition
13. Insert in the seat squares
14. Seat insert gray
15. Steering wheel number 2
16. Discs stamps black
17. Wheels Offroad
18. Disks No. 2
19. Wheels No. 2 Bronto
20. Disks No. 3
21. Wheels No. 3 Bronto
22. Discs No. 4
23. Wheels No. 4 Bronto
24. No numbers
25. Wide bezels
26. Wide frames + urban body kit (bronto)
27. tinting without windshield
28.tinted in a circle (fully tinted)

Screenshot author: usbv30

Credits: usbv30, Heisenberg


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