Mersedec Benz E500 Tuning
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Mod  Mersedec Benz E500 Tuning  for City Car Driving 1.5.9 -
Mod of the German car Mersedec Benz E500 Tuning for the City Car Driving game from the author Denis154rus with modifications by Murat34kz.
Mod author: Denis154rus
Modified by Murat34kz.
Adaptation author: Kaban764
Installation: Manual
Transportation available
The car has rear-wheel drive, an automatic five-speed automatic transmission and an 188 horsepower engine.
-Drive type: Rear
-Type of gearbox and number of gears: automatic transmission: 5
-Max. power at rpm, HP: 188/5700
- Working volume, cm3: 2960

Credits: Denis154rus, Kaban764


Download55.6 MB

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