Mercedes-Maybach S650 2019
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Mod Mercedes-Maybach S650 2019 for City Car Driving

Mercedes-Maybach is a division of the German concern Daimler AG, which replaced the unprofitable Maybach enterprise, which was closed in 2012. Founded in 2015 as a Mercedes-Benz sub-brand. The first car produced by the company was the luxury Mercedes-Maybach S500 based on the 222 Series S-class platform. Later, modifications were presented in the back of a convertible and a Pullman limousine. At the end of summer 2016, the company showed off the conceptual luxury electric Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6.

Drive type: Rear.
Transmission type and number of gears: Automatic - 7.
Maximum power: 630 hp
Engine displacement: 5980 cc
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 4.7 sec
Maximum speed: 250 km / h.

Credits: TJ


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