Mercedes-Benz c63 amg w204
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Mod Mercedes-Benz c63 amg w204 for City Car Driving (1.5.9 -

- The car has its own sound. It includes: the sound of starting the engine, the sounds of turn signals, the sound of the hand brake.
- The car has a gearbox indication.
- The car has a well-tuned realistic physics.
- The car has an automatic transmission, gear ratios and shift ranges correspond to a real car.
- Raindrops with the appropriate choice of weather.
- Realistic appearance.
- Well-designed interior.
- Car textures are made in high quality.

Extra 1 - Black thread in the salon (instead of red)
Extra 2 - Discs No. 2
Extra 3 - Sound of the engine No. 2
Extra 4 - Three types of tinting
Extra 5 - Headlight glass tinting
Extra 6 - Black Edition

Mod author: Heisenberg

Adaptation author: VAGOneLove

Screenshot author: Alexey Yurchenko

Credits: Heisenberg


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