Lada Priora 1.6 Oper Style
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Mod Lada Priora 1.6 Oper Style для City Car Driving (v1.5.9 —

Lada Priora is a deep modernization of the VAZ-2110 (or Lada 110) family, which started production in 1996
On the way from the top ten to the Priora, engineers made about 1000 design changes
At that time, AVTOVAZ was implementing computer-aided design methods, "testing" new technologies on the Lada Kalina project, and the experience gained was very useful on Priora.

Lada Priora 1.6 Oper Style

- Drive type: Front
- Transmission type: manual transmission 5; Automatic transmission 4
- Maximum power: 98 hp
- Max. speed, km / h: 185
- Acceleration time: 11.0 sec

Features of "Oper Style":

1) Engine firmware
2) Deaf toning
3) Black interior
4) Stamping
5) No numbers

Installation: Manual
Passenger transportation available


- Compatible with game version
- Added registration code (for those players whose game does not see the car without it)
- Updated physics

Author: Heisenberg, Speedo
Author of the update and screenshots: Statte

Credits: Heisenberg, Speedo


Download90.0 MB

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