GMC Sierra 2014
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Mod GMC Sierra 2014 for City Car Driving (v1.5.8 -

Many automakers, including GMC, have a line of full-size pickups. The company has been producing such cars for more than a century. The 2014 model, called the GMC Sierra 1500, boasts many interesting innovations.

Compared to its predecessor, the changes are obvious. Firstly, these are significantly improved results of aerodynamics, a radically redesigned design of the headlight grille and radiator. Depending on the configuration, the GMC Sierra 2014 can have plastic elements or chrome-plated.

As befits all pickups, the Sierra can be supplied with three types of cabs: single, double and one-and-a-half, while accommodating from two to six people. At the same time, the cargo compartment can have a standard length of two meters or be expanded to 244 cm.

2014 GMC Sierra

- Acceleration time (0-60 mph): 20 sec
- Deceleration time (60-0 mph): 3.4 sec
- Top speed: 135 mph

The mod has 6 extras:

- Glass shade: back
- Glass shade: back and sides
- Glass shade: around
- Rear camera
- Gray interior
- Plastic bumpers

Installation: Manual
Passenger transportation available


- Adaptation for new versions
- Added registration code (for those players whose game does not see the car without it)
- Added passenger transportation
- Updated physics

Screenshot author: Alexey Yurchenko
Author of the update and addition of shipments: Statte



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