Ford Mondeo
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Mod Ford Mondeo for City Car Driving
Ford Mondeo is a mid-size car of the European subsidiary of Ford. The first generation of "Mondeo" was created as a "worldwide" (the name itself - from the French. "Monde" - "world") car, developed by the efforts of the worldwide divisions of "Ford" and sold in markets around the world without major changes. However, in practice, this car was developed mainly by the forces of the German subsidiary of "Ford" Ford Werke Gmbh. and, accordingly, was focused primarily on the European market.

Drive type: Front.
Transmission type and number of gears: Automatic - 6.
Maximum power: 200 hp
Engine displacement: 1999 cc
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 7.9 sec
Maximum speed: 232 km / h.

Credits: autoligenda


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