Ford Country Squire
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Мod  Ford Country Squire  for City Car Driving (v1.5.7 - 1.5.8)

Ford Country Squire - a full-size station wagon manufactured by Ford from 1950 to 1991, based each time on the affordable line of full-size cars of model years
As a full-size station wagon, it could accommodate up to 9 passengers
Country Squire was one of the canonical cars for American families

Great interior in HQ
Good bumper texture
Light maps for interior and exterior
Baked body
Improved light reflection position
Working fuel arrow
Updated physics, changed suspension, brakes, slightly adjusted wheels, mass, speed and acceleration
3D tires
Light passing through the interior is made possible by removing the roof of the body
New textures
The interior is better and more detailed, as well as the appearance
Lighter wood paneling
Tree red
External light cards 2K
0.5K indoor light cards
Original wipers changed
Smoother 3D Model
Baked tires

Ford Country Squire
Drive Type: Full
Type of gearbox and number of gears: manual transmission - 4, automatic transmission - 3
Maximum power: 152 hp
Max. speed: 130 km / h

Installation: Manual
Passenger transportation available (new)

Credits: Daeman, sdonbass18


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