BMW X7 (G07) ​​xDrive4.0i
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Mod BMW X7 (G07) ​​xDrive4.0i for City Car Driving (v1.5.9)


The former paid (private) mod of the BMW X7 (G07) ​​xDrive4.0i is now in the public domain

- A fundamentally new car physics.
- Rear View Camera.
- Drops of rain with the appropriate choice of weather.
- Realistic appearance.
- Gearbox indication
- Ability to refuel
- Work chip "dust from under the wheels"
- Working chip "water from under the wheels"
- Work chip "trailer"
- Work chip "freight"
- Work chip "passenger traffic"
- Work chip "improved backlight numbers"
- Fully working all arrows and indications.
- Well-designed interior.
- The textures of the car are made in high quality.
And a lot of other features await you when choosing a BMW X7 (G07) ​​xDrive4.0i

Extras List:
- Toning without forehead
- Tinted in a circle
- Tinted glass headlights
- Black factory wheels
- Vossen wheels
- No numbers
- black edition
- Gray leather in the cabin
- White leather in the cabin
- Turquoise lights in the cabin
- Red lights in the cabin
- Sound from M6
- Sound from W213

BMW X7 (G07) ​​xDrive4.0i
Drive Type: Full
Transmission Type: 8 Automatic
Maximum power: 340 hp
Max. speed, km / h: 245
Acceleration time: 6.1 sec

Credits: Heisenberg


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