Audi RS6 C7
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Мod  Audi RS6 C7  for City Car Driving 1.5.9


Drive Type: Full (quattro)
Type of gearbox and number of gears: automatic transmission 8
Maximum power, hp: 700 (730 for the ABT version)
Maximum speed, km / h: 310 (320 for the ABT version)
Acceleration time, s: 3.4 (3.3 for version ABT)
Features of the mod:

Drops of rain with the appropriate choice of weather;
Realistic appearance;
Gearbox indication;
The possibility of refueling;
Work chip "dust from under the wheels";
Working chip "water from under the wheels";

Extras List:

White leather in the cabin
Black interior
Night package
Vossen Wheels
Hemisphere tinting
Toning without forehead
Circle tinting

Credits: MB-w220


Dowload87.4 MB

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