Audi A6 3.0 TFSI quattro
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excellent car mod audi a6 3.0 tfsi quattro for city car driving 1.5.6. the machine has high-quality hd textures and excellent study of the exterior and interior.

audi a6 (c7) is the fourth generation of audi a6 (internal designation typ 4g). was launched in early 2011 in the european and other markets. the car in many respects looks similar to a8 (d4), only some elements from its exterior details have changed. also on its interior, platform and transmission made audi a7 - four-door coupe-fastback, which was released shortly before a6 in 2011. in comparison with a8 and a7, a6 has a modified front panel and led lights. the new a6 increased the wheelbase by almost 76 mm and the width by 18 mm.

main changes:
- improved physics.
- the sound is changed.
- added extras:
1. beige interior.
2. red interior.
3. the white salon.
4. the red salon
5. the brown salon
6. insert "piano lacquer".
7. insert "aluminum".
8. disks1
9. disks2

installation manual.

Credits: KsenON116rus,BolDa


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