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-Changed and moved the unloading animation, -Move the animation of the mesh and morph_mesh (the morph mesh does not go beyond the trailer...

CaC Others Modifications
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With this mod the streets in Albergtal become a bit more lively. It spawns randomly on the roads tractors that are still driving around w...

CaC Others Modifications
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Mod Trailers, dollys and containers V 0.9 for Cattle and Crops

Changes to Krampe version 0.9 in all overloads of the large 750 HK...

CaC Others Modifications
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Mod Scania trucks pack V 0.9 for Cattle and Crops

Scania trucks pack V 0.9 Mod Version 0.9 added custom sound to each model new m...

CaC Others Modifications
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Mod Kotte Garant slurry tanker and Möscha pivoting distributor v0.1 for Cattle and Crops

As the title implies you get here a Kott...

CaC Others Modifications
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The mod pack consists of five models of an old ETS Scania truck; 
Independent suspension on all wheels; 
The maximu...

CaC Others Modifications
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Once I took the original balefork from MBB and created two more versions. One for the front loader and one for the rear hydraulics.

CaC Others Modifications
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After a long time we can finally say we’re very happy to take the first public step with Cattle and ...

CaC Others Modifications
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