1968 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback
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Mod 1968 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

In the mid-60s, the American automobile industry began to undergo major changes. "Midsize" cars began systematically to displace the conveyors with their older counterparts in the body "pulsys". The chief Manager of Ford (Lee Iacocca), however, has always predicted that the next weapon in the car "street wars" should be a small sports car. 

As a result, Ford decided not to get involved in the battle in the segment of "midsize", and to go further, opening the consumer a completely new class of cars, the so-called "pony cars". 
It was obvious that real success was based on mass demand. As a result, the future superstar and idol of millions of Ford Mustang, which was released in 1965, was based on the compact Falcon to reduce the cost of production, and was offered with a lot of additional options, which made it possible for the buyer - to personalize your car, the company – to attract additional profits. 

Competitors from Plymouth presumptuously claimed that their Barracuda will crush the brainchild of Ford in the market for two weeks. But it was Mustang, whose sales on the first day amounted to 22,000 units (and more than a million in the first two years of sales), drew attention not only to the automotive market, but all Americans to "pony cars". It should be noted that this class, the birth of the Ford Mustang it is the only class of "muscled Americans," extant… 

The Mustang debuted in April 1964 as a conventional sports car that could be equipped with a 170 CC (2.8 l) six-cylinder in-line engine and a pair of V8s. Initially, the car was named after the combat aircraft "P-51 Mustang", then the emphasis quietly shifted only to the image of the horse, which soon became the emblem of the model. The buyer liked its low price, long hood, "chopped off" trunk and a heap of the offered options! 

In mid-1964, in addition to the bodies of "hardtop" and convertible Ford introduced and sports body "fastback", as well as, to everyone's delight, the new 289-CC (4.7 l.) V8, issued 271 HP, finally complemented the aggressive appearance of the appropriate "filling". For those who wanted more, the legendary Carroll Shelby and Ford in close cooperation released "Shelby GT-350" - Ford Mustang in the back "fastback", specially prepared by Shelby. Under its hood was a modified 289-th V8, which gave 306 forces in the "street" version and about 360 in a special "GT-350R" racing version. Cars were stripped of rear seats, painted exclusively in white color and were fully prepared to races.

In 1967, the Mustang has undergone several major changes, both external and technical. The car received a more aggressive grille, the rear was crowned with a concave panel, and the roof line (for the body "fastback") now reached the end of the trunk. The offer of engines also increased and, in addition to everything, Ford finally prepared the "big block" for installation on the Mustang to be able to compete with the Chevrolet Camaro SS396. They became a little weakened 390-th block Ford (6.3 l.), whose popularity proclaimed the end of the era before the flagship 289-th V8, soon completely withdrawn from production. 

But much more interesting was the emergence of a new Mustang, built by Carroll Shelby. "GT-350" is still produced with a modified 289-m engine V8, whose power fell, however, to 290 HP But the new creation - "Shelby GT-500" - was equipped with a redesigned 427-m V8 (7 l)! And these Shelby Mustangs were the last really built "Shelby-American". All subsequent Ford models will be built with little intervention by Carroll Shelby. 

April 1, 1968 Ford launches perhaps its most famous line of engines, namely the "428 Cobra Jet". The basis was the usual 427 block, supplemented by increased valves and racing intake manifold. On the hood of the car installed a valid air intake, through which the engine "breathed", giving 335 HP on paper and about 410 on the road! 
"Shelby" equipment was still available, with the only difference being that it was now renamed "Shelby Cobra" and was supplemented with a convertible. "GT-350" had lost its 289 th 306-horsepower unit, receiving in return a 302 block, with a power of 250 forces. In the middle of the year to replace the "GT-500" comes "GT-500KR" "King of the Road" ("King of Roads"), equipped with a new "428 Cobra Jet", capacity of 335 HP 

Released (thousand PCs.): 
Hardtop: 249,447 
Fastback: 42,581 
Convertible: 25,376 

200 I6 – 115 HP 
200 I6 – 120 HP 
289 V8 – 195 HP 
289 V8, 271 HP 
302 V8 – 230 HP 
(Shelby Cobra GT-350) 302 V8 – 250 HP 
390 V8 – 320 HP 
390 V8 – 325 HP 
(Cobra Jet) 428 V8 – 335 HP at 5400 rpm (approx. 410 HP) 
(Shelby Cobra GT-500) 428 V8 – 350 HP 

Indicators (60 m/h = 100 km/h): 
(Cobra Jet) 428 V8 (335 HP): 0-60 in 5.4 seconds., 1/4 mile in 14.01 sec. (at a speed of 101 m/h)


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