Wentward 5000 Series (1981-1996) v0.9.2
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Mod Wentward 5000 Series (1981-1996) v0.9.2 for BeamNG.drive

In version 0.9.2:
– Fixed startup sounds;
– Turbo is louder now;
– Gear whistle is adjusted;
– The useless config has been removed.
The Wentward 5000 Series is a series of heavy—duty trucks based on the Gavril T-Series produced by Wentward from 1981 to 1996. It may seem that they are not much different, but in fact the Wentward 5000 was distinguished by a shorter front, a different interior, 3 different frame options - 5060, 5070 and 5070 Extended and much more. It was offered with several engine options, from V6 and I6 diesel engines to V8 diesel engines. The engines used in these trucks were designed and manufactured by Knightonn and Gavril Trucks. You can attach any gearbox of your choice to the engine of your choice.

The Wentward 5000 series was sold in the USA and even in Australia. The Australian version of the Wentward 5000 Series was offered with the same engine options, but with a right-hand drive cab and higher air purifiers so that the truck would not suck up dirt when driving on Australian roads.

Among the usual trucks with a long nose, the 5000 series was also offered in an unusual COE body. It was only sold in the 1st generation of the 5000 series, which means it was sold from 1989 to 1996. Among the engines, only TCR11/15 engines from Gavril Trucks were offered.

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