Toyota Supra MK5 (A90) v1.0 Update 2 (0.32.x)
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✅Realistic engine and transmission characteristics
✅Your wheels, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, Toyo R888 tires and your own brake calipers.
✅TRD Heritage Ed, HKS and Pandem body kits
✅Everything you need opens
For the first time in fashion, physically correct gas lifts on the hood and trunk.
✅Light baking of headlights and lanterns and realistic light pattern for low beam and high beam.
✅Parts options for USDM, EUDM, JDM
✅Interior with several trim options, including a right-hand drive interior
✅Support for dynamic mirrors and their adaptation to left and right handlebars.
✅Additional support for animated wipers, Brake Glow mod and EU plate holders.
✅Ignition, emergency, handbrake, ESC, folding visors and interior lighting triggers.
✅Animation of the gearbox handles.
✅ Electronic dashboard with baked backlight and projection display
✅Configurations of Kalash (real Kalash), Pace Car, etc.

In version Update 2:
– 2 new exhaust pipes and the ability to change nozzles on some variants (to proudly say "Yes, this is definitely a drain")
– All kinds of mirrors that you have seen in fashion before have combined into one. Foldable, with dynamic reflections, the ability to change pads on them... a dream for a tuner of the okolostok class!
– The baking of headlights and lanterns has been rethought and now looks more juicy and realistic!
– Vanilla racing wheels can now be installed on the right-hand drive version of the cabin.
– 3 new spoilers (vanilla Nomi GTT, random store and GT4)
– 1 new type of discs (we are talking about GT4, without leaving the checkout)
– The saft_35 skin has been replaced with another one of its own, because... he seems to be more successful
– Added support for the Agent_Y mannequin mod.
– Updated interior upholstery materials and adjusted their combinations in accordance with the brochures.
– Small things have been corrected (which is nice)

Credits: Remods


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