TAZ MIR/Baikal v1.1.1 (0.31.x)
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Two cars in one mod - Taz Mir and Taz Baikal.

- 12 + 31 configurations;
- A lot of details;
- The damage is good;
- Decent handling;
- The doors are opening.

In version 1.1.1:
– Fixed the instability of the Baikal lamp post;
– Added a new early non-deluxe front part inspired by the front of the VAZ 2101 (you will need to redo any custom configuration that includes details of the early version);
– The TAZ pack is now displayed in career mode (however, they may be rare!);
– Paint configurations have been made (it was difficult, but they work);
– Added dashboards/steering/right-hand drive wipers;
– An alarm system and a sound signal have been added to the interior;
– Added new physical mirrors;
– Added loads (some may behave strangely, but they work).

Credits: RyanCookie


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