Soliad Spica 1984 v1.2.0 (0.32.x)
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The Jbeam is a mix, but it is mostly based on the 200bx chassis only because of the era, size and layout of the coupe. The interior was reused from Wendover, I wanted to create a kind of "knight racing" feeling with digital screens. Plus, modeling and texturing the interior is just beyond my strength right now. Whether this will change in future updates, I cannot say. The only part really completely done by me is the shell model, but I still did my best to create my own jbeam framework.

The mod includes 44 configurations, many of which are just body variations with a cutout/hatch/facelift. More will be added in future updates.

In version 1.2.000001:
- Turbocharged i4 sports models;
- Convertible (unfinished);
- Fixed textures;
- Replaced headlight textures with new 200bx textures;
- Custom caps that look better than the whole mod (thanks to FalloutNode), they are currently present on the i6 and v6 models;
- Working headlights (thanks Leviathan 093).

Credits: Akemi


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