Segra Ultimat v1.5 (0.31.x)
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The Segra Ultimate truck. Made with an eye on the popular Scania truck models. The European BeamNG drive truck, which combines a design created from scratch with inspiration from some Scandinavian brands, making it original and special.

- An almost infinite number of axle and frame options with steerable and conventional bogie axles on each axle.
- Full air suspension from front to back
- Fully pneumatic cabin
- Opening hatches, doors, cabin
- Custom automatic transmission logic to simulate a real analog.
- Custom headlight script to improve headlight control.
- Alcoa rims and painted steel rims with individual nuts and rings.
- Frame for painting
- Many other things.

New controls to be aware of:
Front Steer axles increase - T
Front Steer axles decrease - G
Drive axles increase - Shift T
Drive axles decrease - Shift G
Extra axles increase (also increases the axle lift system) - Alt T
Extra axles decrease (also decreases the axle lift system) - Alt G
Low beams Toggle - B
High beams Toggle - Alt B

A mod that adds various new tuning for this truck (new lights, taillights, mudguards, etc.) - Download (author: SubieBerry, v1.3 from 03/18/24)

In version 1.5 (30.03.24):
- Added gray, red and colorable frame options.
- Added a No-Splash 385/65R22.5 tire around the perimeter.
- Fixed the odd arrangement of nodes in the frames, causing shaking when crashing, etc
. - Fixed the offset mudguard icon.
- Fixed a high-end configuration with drive airbags on an additional axle.
- Fixed some configurations where the word "OverPower" was used as the default license plate text.
- Fixed some frame texture errors.
- Engine efficiency values have been changed, now they should be more economical.
- The values of the compression brake have been changed.
- The engine speed limit has been changed.
- The displacement of the front axle wheels has been edited.
- The vanilla headlight system has been returned.

Credits: SBTruckstyling


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