Sandstorm Performance Rally Warrior v1.2
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Mod Sandstorm Performance Rally Warrior v1.2 for

– Adding a light strip to the roof rack, as well as some general fixes.

In fact, this was Sandstorm's first attempt to create an SUV. They had a lot of experience replacing engines for the 200BX, as it was a very common car that was replaced by Bruckell engines. Therefore, they installed a modified Gavril engine in a box, made a special elevator kit, and this was indeed the case. They presented it at the Belasco Motor Show in 1997, and although Ibishu was not too pleased, the general public received it very favorably. They won a lot of off-road races, and the rest is history.

What is there here:
- One-piece housing;
- Custom suspension;
- Detail on the roof from Roamer;
- Off-road and rally light panels, LED headlights, LED taillights, non-standard rear panel;
- Individual induction hood (made by JustYourAverageDuck) and wing;
- 4.5-liter V8 with custom sounds, 4.6-liter racing V10;
- Both engines can be turbocharged and/or supercharged;
- Custom skin based on the IRL analog (from Shadows);
- A lot of configs.

Credits: Bentonchiez


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