Off-Road Old Cannon (D-Series-based) 1.0
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Mod Off-Road Old Cannon (D-Series-based) 1.0 for

Made in less than 24 hours and submitted right before the deadline, this is my entry into the MfD off-road modding challenge.

This mod adds a cut-up technical-style body to the D-Series and weaponry - a fully working cannon mounted on a flatbed. There are six configs, most of which are off-road-orientated (and none are for road use surely),

How to use:
The key bindings to use the cannon Alt+PageUp and Alt+Page Down to lower or raise the cannon and Space key to fire. You can also edit cannonball weight (150-2000 kg) and powder power (50-200%) in the tuning menu of Vehicle Config.

Credits: CH4RL3S


Download1.25 MB

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