Nissan GT-R R35 2007-2024 v1.32 ReWork (0.32.x)
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Redesign of the Nissan GT-R R35 2007-2024 mod.
- Redesigned by jbeam, slightly unfinished
- Added PBR
- Sensors have been slightly redesigned, the ability to disable them and update the code has been added.
- Added parking brake/turn signal animation.
- Fixed several bugs in the current version, for example, with unaligned wheels/missing glass materials when broken.
- Added engine supports/oil pans.
- Improved handling
- Fixed brakes
- Fixed a crash in Drag and LW configurations.
- Slightly redesigned scales.
- Made the temperature sensor work
- The fuel level indicator has become more accurate.
- Redesigned the scale screen in the middle, and soon we will start updating HTML and javascript code.
- Added brake pedals/gas with working animation.
- Added new carbon fiber parts for the hood, fenders, roof, trunk.
- Added more details for SpecV/Nismo.
- Added adaptive suspension for them.
- Fixed the all-wheel drive system.
- The mirrors are facing in the right direction so that the mirrors reflect the back better when the reflection update is enabled.
- With a small detail on the back so that the Nissan logo can be removed if desired.

Credits: BeamNG


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