Nissan 370z hotfix
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Mod car Nissan 370z hotfix for

I don't know how to do it neatly, but I'll post 370z, which I altered a little
- Here's the proof of getting a perm for release
- Original link to mod
- Clear your cache if you run into any problems
- feedback would be cool and yes ik engine bay atm ass
- Help would be appreciated for modeling because I'm an ass

List of things I added / fixed:

    Added carbon fiber parts.
    Disable sensors and navigator screen when the car is turned off
    Added backfire for specific exhaust
    Redesigned jbeam not yet completely
    Gauges started working again / signal lever worked with animation
    Added PBR materials for paint and glass.
    And some other little things to list too lazy


    Slightly improved the engine compartment and made the bottom double-sided for the material
    This time, the sensors and navigation screens show texture when they are turned off.
    Rear glass improved

Changelogs 1.01v

    Added more carbon fiber parts.
    Updated textures for the hood and fenders.
    Added more engine parts
    Reworked the lug for the exhaust pipe so that it can connect the engine to the exhaust for backfire.

Credits: Beamng


Download186.1 MB

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