Mudimar 4x4 Off-Road Miramar Pickup v1.5 (0.30.X)
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New off-road configurations for the Miramar stock car in

- Off-road frame from the D-series, converted to Ibishu Miramar
- Vanilla Off-Road Miramar Body
- Split Body Off-Road Miramar
- Off-Road Miramar USDM pickup truck body and platform
- Engine from Gavril V8 with a volume of 4.5 liters.
- Custom off-road parts
- Multiple USDM interfaces (and new ones coming soon)
- There are several known issues related to jbeam that will be fixed in future updates, including the clutch pedal, which is displayed on the wrong side in the USDM cabin.

In version 1.5:
- Added Ibishu Hawk with two different configurations;
- Added custom Hawk front end;
- Fixed the configuration file of the original;
- Fixed mismatch of differential coefficients in Mudimar Explorer;
- Added a cross stripe to the Mudimar SUV configuration.

Credits: Erik Marberg


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