Mercedes-Benz S Class W221 v4.1 (0.31.x)
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A revised version of the Mercedes-Benz S Class W221 car for

- PBR;
- A good salon;
- A lot of their own motor;
- 37 Configs;
- Your wheels.

In order for the config to be displayed in the auto-selection menu, you need to check the box "Enable custom PC configurations".

In version 4.1:
- Lighting functions have been changed.
- Added a script to turn off the dashboard backlight when turning on the turn signals on the restyled version
- Added baking of pre-styling headlights and lanterns
- Changed the values of PBR optics for light balance.
- Added fog light trigger in the cabin.
- Fixed pre-styled rearview mirrors.

In version 4.0:
- Removed the rays of light;
- Added a new toner;
- Fixed the glass from the inside;
- Changed the texture of the speedometer;
- Updated the speedometer backlight;
- Speedometer texture conflict has been removed;
- The color of the interior lighting can be changed again using the palette;
- Restyled mirrors now fold up when the car is turned off;
- Slightly improved the quality of the buttons in the cabin;
- Added license plate illumination;
- Changed the functions of flashlights;
- Added a script to disable DRL when turning on turn signals during restyling;
- Added baking of pre-styling headlights and lanterns;
- Changed the values of PBR optics for light balance;
- Added fog light trigger to the interior;
- Fixed pre-styling rear view mirrors;
- Fixed the texture of the BRABUS logo;
- New photos of configs.

Credits: ringt0n, hxmxnn


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