Mercedes Benz E63S W213 Tuned v1.3 (0.32.x)
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Redesign of Mercedes Benz W213 E63S for BeamNG.
◈ Good Jbeam
◈ Good PBR
◈ The exterior parts are of medium quality.
◈ Interior details of average quality.
◈ 15 configs
◈ Your own sounds

What has been done:
– Engine sound has been changed;
– Added a new Brabus Exhaust sound
– Added PBR lights and textures
- Fixed rear window
– Added antichrome when choosing a body
– Added new ECUs
– Fixed engine characteristics
– Added two of its own configurations: antihome and default
– Added a different interior color for Brabus trim
levels – Files that loaded unnecessary parts were deleted
– New textures for buttons (some turned out to be large)
– Some texture fixes

Credits: black moon


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