Mercedes-Benz CLS Class C218 Restyling 2.0
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Mod Mercedes-Benz CLS Class C218 Restyling 2.0 for

: 17 Configurations.
PBR Textures.
Its elaborate bottom.
Detailed engine compartment.
Reflections in mirrors.
In the cabin there are animated gas, brake and handbrake pedals, an animated ignition key, an animated turn signal lever, an animated arrow of a speedometer, a tachometer, a thermistor, a fuel gauge, working gauges on the dashboard, an animated mechanical clock, an animation of the navigator, button illumination.
3 interior decorations.
Real engine performance.

5 types of engine (All differ in sound and characteristics).
6 types of your discs.
3 spoiler designs.
6 types of nameplates on the trunk.
2 design moldings on the door.
3 design moldings on the trunk.
4 Types of nameplates on the wings.
7 types of front bumper.
6 types of rear bumper.
3 roof fin decorations
4 types of hood.
 3 door handle designs.

: Uneven rear wheel offset.

Credits: omg_potxto


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