Mercedes Benz CLS 53 2019-21 v2.0 (0.32.x)
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The Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 is known for its iconic design and superior performance, focused on the future.

- Bloom PBR lights;
- Working speedometer, indicators;
- Many configurations;
- All-wheel drive option;
- Option with multiple grills;
- Lots of front and rear bumpers;
- AMG model and details.  

In version 2.0:
- Added a colorable interior;
- Colorable LED interior lighting has been added;
- Added beige seat color;
- Added tinting of the windows;
- Added darkened front and rear bumpers;
- Added black AMG lettering;
- Fixed logos;
- Fixed invisible sensors.

Credits: xNME, pepiw, JLF, JollyFree


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