Mazda RX-7 III New update ! (V2.0)
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Mod car Mazda RX-7 III New update ! (V2.0) for

V2.0 Update !!!

put the in the mod folder or you will not have skin

This mod is a Mazda RX-7 III from 1992 with some configs:
Base model
Wide-Body street
Street Drift
Track Drift
Lots of parts (WB, RB, Race…)
Custom J-beam
HQ 1.3L 2 rotors Engines
HQ Interior
Custom rotor engin Sound
1 custom rims (yet)
Working parking brake, steer, stalk, needles, gauges
Fully brakable and functional lights
No skin support yet (help please)

Update V1.2
Fixed race handling/overheating
Better damage windshield
Fixed rollcage
Fixed unstable nodes (Hood)
Fixed rear parcel shelf
Better lightning (interior)
New race wheels
New logo/side skirt for Spirit-R

Update V1.3
Better rollcage integration
Fixed windshiel dmg material
Added door jamb
Improved Jbeam (still not as good as I want)
smaller tacho needles and better dash camera pos
Improved suspention rigidity for Base and Sprit-R
Fixed Base and Spirit-R to low
Fixed bug on tires and to large wheels
Big handling Improve on race configs

New Update V1.4
Added skins + UV layout
Added 2 new race wheels colors and 1 base wheels color
Improved mesh
Improved Jbeam
New Thumbnails
Fix all lights issues (normally)
Some minor fix (materials, missing object…)
Add 4 new configs (Police, Pursuit, RZ, MaxSpeed)

New Update V2.0​

Improved Jbeam
Way better handling
New Sound !
Add some configs
Fix a lot of things
New tires/rim
New parts

Thanks a lot to: Tsutarja495 for giving me the sound files
MGR 99 for giving me the new front bumper
baarry5444 for giving me the new rim, spoiler and badges

V2.0 Update​

Fixed :
front Wheel pos
car to low
spring to soft
Internal view

Next update:
way better Jbeam
separate engine/exhaust/transmission sound
fixed some materials

Note that there are 3 différents UV layout so note all skins match all configs.
For everybody who want to make skin I made UV layout (the xcf files have the UV of each parts)

Don't forget to clear your cach and delete the older versions
I have learned erverything by myself so it may be not perfect (and it's certainly not)
Constructive feedbacks are always welcome !
Please do not reupload it.
PS: My grammar may be not perfect, sorry ! (correct me)

-GRID Autosport (3D model and wheels)
-CSR 2 (Engine)
-Forza Motosport 7 (interior and sound)
-Beamng (some parts and base Jbeam)
-Thanks to RRGL for trying to help me
Also thanks to to upload the 3D model

Credits: yannis01186


Dowload139.7 MB

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