LAZ 695N V1.0
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There are 26 different configurations of the 695th MANHOLE in fashion, of which there are pre-production versions, early and late release years, some routes as well as Chernobyl versions. There are gasoline and diesel engines (ZiL-375, YaMZ-236, SMD-2307, each with its own sound), as well as HBO. There are 22 liveries in fashion, most of which are fully colorable. Almost all doors open, the characteristics are adjusted to the real ones. There are different triggers for controlling the head light, the light in the cabin, as well as turning on the hood lamp. I can't say anything about the damage, because everyone has their own opinion on it. For those who like to drive, there are two trasters, moderate and fast, activated when you press the gas. In the future, it will be supplemented with the 699th loophole.

Credits: Bagusik


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