Improved Pagani Huayra [v1.1]
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Mod car Improved Pagani Huayra [v1.1] for

The original Pagani Huayra mod was created by Janpero and then improved by Abdullah Bemat27. This is another improved version that I have been working on, which brings:

     PBR paint and glass
     Reworked engine sound
     Fixed all configurations and sketches
     Improved many materials
     Fixed console bugs

v1.0 (04/06/2021)
- Added PBR paint
- Fixed numerous JBeam bugs.
- Fixed flex body bugs
- Reworked engine sound
- Reworked configuration sketches
- Reworked configurations
- Improved many materials
- Reduced headlights glare.

Known Issues:
- Various problems with JBeam
- The gearbox continues to run in 1st gear even in manual mode
- Paints don't work

v1.1 (13.10.2021)
- Fixed transparency of the logo.
- Fixed main miniature
- Fixed problem with green windows (probably)
- Added stock ECU
- Added customized ECU
- Added manual transmission.
- Added manual racing transmission.
- Added drain oil pan
- Added racing oil pan
- Added stock long block
- Added a long block of the 1st stage.
- Added long block of stage 2.
- Updated configurations accordingly

Credits: AbdullahBemath27


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