Hirochi Talent 1992-99 v1.011 (0.32.x)
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Meet the new Hirochi key truck and feel the uniqueness that only Talent possesses!
In 1992, Hirochi released the next-generation Talent key truck to compete with other key trucks. Unlike other key trucks, Talent had an engine at the rear.
It used a 4-cylinder engine and supercharger to show higher performance than competing models.
There was an Actif model made in the classic style popular in Japan. Once in 1996, it underwent a facelift and was produced until 2002.

– Excellent elaboration of the model;
– Many configurations;
– 100% jbeam;
– Own wheels and hubcaps.

In version 1.011:
- Improved mirror visibility;
- Adjusted the cost of the part (price) for the career mode;
- Correction of some parts;
- Changed the color of the bumper flare;
- Fixed a bug that caused the Mud Truck Config to appear without front wheels;
- Fixed a fatal error caused by incorrect placement of the side panel, tailgate and engine cover beam assemblies.
white spots have been removed from the Super Charger sticker;
- Fixed a problem with the cargo box capacity in career mode, and increased the population to slightly increase the frequency of appearance on the online market.​

Credits: Docroswagge


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