Hirochi Suburst - Boxer Engine Swaps 1.2
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MOD Hirochi Suburst - Boxer Engine Swaps 1.2 for BEAMNG.DRIVE

Updated engine model (version 0.25 SBR4)
Updated transmission model (edited version 0.25 SBR4)
Updated radiator model (edited version 0.25 SBR4)
The standard model of the air box has been updated to make it look more original.
Added a functional radiator fan (all radiators)

2.0 Boxer Sport (available with manual control and DCT) 2.0 Boxer Sport S AWD (available with manual control and DCT) 2.5 Boxer Sport RS AWD (available with manual control and DCT)
6 brand new configurations (including DCT versions)
2 new engine replacements (2.0L Flat 4, 2.5L Flat 4) [Under new Unibody]
Additional options (cylinder head gasket / BOV)

Credits: 13Stewartc


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