Hirochi RUSH 1982 v1.1 (0.30X)
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RUSH was produced from 1982 to 1992. It was sold in the USA, Australia and New Zealand as Hirochi RUSH, in Japan as Hirochi Rascal, in Europe as 120 and renamed in the USA as Bruckell Champion. Hiroshi models were equipped with a 1.2-liter K12 rotary engine, and Bruckell models were equipped with an I4 gasoline or diesel engine. All models were available either with rear-wheel drive or with a switchable all-wheel drive controlled by a lever on the center console.


- High-quality 3D models, textures and physics;
- Models and Parts: JDM, USDM, EUDM, AND;
- Lots of accessories, skins and custom parts to play with;
- 5 sets of wheels and 2 sets of hubcaps with variations;
- Interactive interior and working digital sensors.

Version 1.1:

- Minor corrections.

Credits: LJ74


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