Hirochi Mistral v1.1.3
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 Mod Hirochi Mistral v1.1.3 for BeamNG.drive

In version 1.1.3:
This time a big patch, with a lot of additions and small changes, and not with bug fixes.
- Changed the sound of gears;
- The behavior of the gearshift has been changed, the racing switches are now also moving;
- Opening panels now work with couplings instead of hydraulic systems;
- Removed non-opening doors for the above reason;
- Added key binding to open/close all panels;
- Added Ultra Heavy Duty engine block;
- A security framework has been added to the Sleeper configuration;
- Replaced the 1.5 Hitec and V6 engine.

​The Mistral was Hirochi's entry into the fast-growing hatchback market of the 90s. Thanks to its extensive trim levels and engines, from the small 1.3-liter I4 to the 1.5-liter HITEC VVTL I4 and 1.6-liter V6 engine, it appealed to both ordinary motorists who need an affordable suburban car, and hot hatch fans looking for a ready-made car for the race track.

Credits: Kajzer


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