Hirochi CCF 2020 v1.1.0.4 Rework (0.32.x)
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After about 1.5 years of work, I am pleased to present my biggest project — Hirochi CCF!
The mod has about 12 wheels, 26 body colors other than Procyon, and 10 interior colors. It also has 38 default configurations with additional parts allowing you to create your own.
- Unique exterior and interior design, much like the old CCF, Mazda MX-5 and Toyota GR86, with some Porsche influence.
- Automatic emergency braking: The car will warn you and then stop if it detects a situation in which you cannot intervene.
- Automatic headlight control:
- The headlights turn on at night and turn off again when they are no longer needed.
- The headlights will also automatically turn on the high beam where necessary.
- Blind spot sensors on mirrors that activate when there is something in the blind spot of your mirror that you cannot see.
- A hill descent assistance system that uses brakes to maintain speed on the descent if you do not accelerate or brake yourself.
- Hill Start Assist, which holds the brakes when starting from a rise to prevent the car from stopping.
- Parking sensors.
- On-screen schematic display, with 4 sensors at each end of the car.
- Sequential indicators for all models that do not support USDM.
- Electric power units and internal combustion engines.
- Fully interactive interior with ceiling lighting, customizable ambient lighting, backlit buttons, functional screens (the infotainment system will be created in version 1.1+) and much more.
- Fully functional hand-held Softtop with a system of 2 latches, like a real analog.
- Detail-dependent mute and window opening.
- The ability to equip a car for almost all major domestic markets.
- Detailed police equipment with additional functionality compared to the official one.
- An exact replica of the MX-5 Cup car with functional appliances, a completely redesigned interior and settings to create a suitable entry-level racing car.
- Completely unique and appropriate to the type of melody engine, with VVL and custom additional sounds.

In version (05/14/24):
- The correct type of automatic start/stop is set for all manual configurations
- Added LHD 190-4R config
- Added more details to the 4R to make it more convenient in daily life
- Fixed the naming of RHD eCCF esc and actually added them to their configurations (laughs)
- Adjusted glass textures related to light
- Added normals and updated stub textures for lower-level sensor screens.
- Added Pass mode, which eliminates the gap between a relaxed street and almost no track.
- The street has been repainted green, as the Pass now uses blue.
- The manual as/s function is made in first gear with the clutch squeezed out, and not just in the neutral position

The big Procyon Vela 2022 addon (new configurations, interiors, wheels, etc. It can also work without the main mod.) - Download (version from 02/26.24).

Credits: Theo Wilkinson


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