Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car
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Mod car Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car for

Release 1.1! This release adds a lot of features and fixes a lot of issues, hope you enjoy it!

- Added sunroofs that behave realistically
- Added hood guards, which also behave realistically

- Adjusted downforce and lift so the car is still susceptible to bumps, but much easier to spin so it's not as glued to the track!
- Adjusted warp values ​​on the front to make damage easier.
- Edited the deformation of the side and roof, now the side is much less prone to collapse and causes JBeam instability.
- Other JBeam stability fixes.


Release is here! After 9 months of development and a ton of work with other people, this mod has finally reached the stage where I'm happy to release it.

- Detailed and fairly realistic model
- Fully customizable jbeam
- Decent textures
- Working digital dashboard
- Realistic engine and transmission
- Realistic suspension and tuning
- Realistic installation configurations
- Many color schemes to choose from
- Realistic crash model
- Right turn capabilities (shocking)

Credits: Solarpower07


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