GAZelle NEXT Citiline [RELEASE] (0.29.X)
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We are excited to announce the release of the free GAZelle NEXT Citiline mod! Now you can enjoy all the benefits of this amazing bus. See its reliability, maneuverability and high performance. Embark on an urban adventure!
❗❗Medium quality mod.
❗Mod features :
✅Working PBR lighting equipment.
✅35 Configurations.
✅Availability of parts for restyling.
✅Detailed body.
✅Medium quality damage.
✅Skins system.
✅Engine and engine compartment.
✅Own wheels (black and gray stamps included with hubcaps).
✅PBR Materials. (Painting, all interior/exterior materials).
✅Quality Jbeam.
✅Animated dashboard.
✅Animated engine and suspension parts.
✅Working light in the cabin (on a buttons).
✅Working odometer.
✅Variations of interior tuning (pennants, collection of banknotes, fan, phone on charge, etc.).
✅Animated fan in the cabin.
✅Lots of high-quality skins for cars with real colors and routes.
✅3 engine options: 2.8L" straight from the factory", 2.7L" straight from the factory" and 2.8L "worn out".
❗Disadvantages :
❌If you find something from the disadvantages - write in the comments or in private messages, the mod will be finalized and updated. 

Credits: hipik x Kenemation


Download159.17 MB

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