Gavril Durham 1987-2006 v1.2 (0.32.x)
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This is Gavril Durham - a big pickup truck for BeamNG. In terms of design, it is largely based on General Motors medium-duty trucks.

Durham has a unique design for the two major eras in which it existed. The second generation (1987-2000) and the third generation (2000-2006). Both generations retain the basic design of the car, but Generation 3 is much newer in design and technology. the filling.

– Many configurations;
– High-quality models;
– Realistic V8 engines;
– Your own sounds.

In version 1.2 (05/14/24):
– Fixed a problem with the camera and a problem with fixing the car.
– Added an up-to-date fifth wheel.
– Added compressor and air tank for the new trailer system. They should be equipped for any vehicle towing a larger trailer with pneumatic brakes.
– Added opening features (however, the door locks were broken and I couldn't fix them)
– Added functional mirrors for most cases.
– Large tandem axles have been released — they can be used, however they are not very well made and are quite fragile, lol.

Credits: RenAzuma66


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