Ford Mustang Car pack 1.0
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Mod Ford Mustang Car pack 1.0 for

Welcome to my very first mod pack. Decided to make this since its easier to download one big pack than to search multiple beamng mod sites. This pack has 2 parts due to this websites policy of 1512 mb per file.
In part one the mods are: 

-2024 mustang with 35+ configs
-Mustang s550 series (2015-2022 mustangs) [also contains shelbys]

In part two the mods are:

-Foxbody mustang (2 configs)
-Ken Block's famous "hoonicorn" mustang *PS rest in peace*
-Mustang Mach-e 
-1965 mustang (multiple configs)
-another 65 mustang but with different configs
-s197 facelift mustang with 30+ configs
-SN95 mustang (low poly)
-1967 fastback mustang with nice configs

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